Jedward 6 pack

Jedward on Keep It In The Family 12.09.2015

RusJedward itv.

Jedward take the Disney Universe Video Game Suit-Up Challenge HD

Disney Universe The Video Game is out now for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! Jedward take The Suit-Up Challenge! Jedward love dressing up - how many...

Six pack abs & strong core exercises 2015

Flutter Kicks-100 Jack Knives-50 DragonFly(aka The Rocky Balboa)-30 seconds Music By:

Jedward - Funhouse Blackpool 2.12.11

Jedward performing Funhouse at Blackpool Opera House John is holding his stomach because he didnt have a proper mic pack and it kept falling off.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Why Robert Pattinson will never have a six pack

Robert Pattinson, better known as Edward Cullen, laughs with stv reporter Grant Lauchlan over why Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob Black is the real gym bunny out...

Jimis Strictly six-pack

Jimi Mistry says his training for Strictly Come Dancing has given him a six-pack.

Messing around-jedward (abs) (lipstick)

having fun

Jedward Top trumps song pack

SO we made a new Jedward top trumps pack! The song pack!!! Containing all 44 songs John and Edward have released and 2 covers! Created by...

Its a HUGE past contestant mash-up! Live Final Week 10 - The X Factor 2013

Kitty, Jdward, Wagner, Rylan, Diva Fever, 2 Shoes and Jonny Robinson could this BE any greater? We think not. Visit the official site: ...

Jedward (John & Edward) interview on This Morning 23rd November 2009 X Factor

John and Edward (Jedward) talk to Phil and Holly about their time on x factor, how they coped with being booed and who they want to win (Stacey) and Gordon...