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One of * My * Favorite Dan Quayle Moments

I like Dan Quayle but he sure looked stupid and unprepared sometimes... This is one of those moments.

Who is Dan Quayle? Part 1 of 2

did you see part 2? George W Bush is the President Quayle we never had. Watch part 2 of this 2 part Video!!!

Dan Quayle

The brilliant idiocy that is Dan Quayle.

The Wisdom of Dan Quayle - NOT

The Wisdom of Dan Quayle - not.

Dan Quayle Misspells Potato

VP Dan Quayle attempts to correct a student spelling the word potato

Lewis Black on Broadway talking about how America ISNT 1

I own none of this. But I will say this: Im not a fan of socialized medicine... And Im not a fan of Americas health care system either. And The United States of...

Obama Claims Hes Visited 57 States

At a campaign event in Beaverton, OR, Obama claimed to have visited 57 U. S. States during the campaign.

Altmedia scams exposed, steve quayle, jim garrow, keshe, busted! wayne simmons et al.

A video by Alexander Backman It appears all the big names in the PseudoChristian altmedia circuit are all in on it. There is a very well organized circle of...

The 12 Best Lines from Presidential Debates

Twelve of the most memorable lines from US presidential, vice-presidential and primary debates 1980-2016. Feel free to leave your political thoughts and...


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