Land yachting plans
Hobbyking Bat-1 Land Yacht

Can you find me a more odd RC for under 100? Send me the info, comment below, tag me on facebook or instagram! I dont care how, just get me the info!

Land yacht project part 2

Finishing off the Mast Step and first rigging of the BlowMax!! I got a second hand mast and two s/h sails from shq in Melbourne for pretty reasonable prices.

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Land yacht build

Building My Own Land Yacht

Hey guys, Heres a short video of some pictures and video clips of the land yacht I built for a school project. I based my design on the Blokart, I used 304 grade...

Poly pipe land yacht 2012

RC land yacht poly pipe body.

Sailing Boat - Walrus from Plan Toys

For full review and shopping info The Sailing Boat Bath ToyWalrus is an eco-friendly bath toy...

Miniyacht sailing Nov 2011

Me sailing my miniyacht on a claypan, while away camping in central-western nsw (Australia). No real fast sailing but enough to give an idea about how much...

Landsailing at Playas New Mexico

For more information visit You will find plans for a small landsailer, sailing instructions, and information on upcoming events.

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