Million little pieces memoir
A Million Little Pieces: Memoir By James Frey

Book Analysis - Mrs. Virgin.

A Million Little Pieces: A memoir. Interpretation by Isabella Belluscio and Thomas Begens

A Million Little Pieces Review

A Million Little Pieces is a fabricated memoir of James Freys time spent in a treatment center aiming to become sober. Throughout his time there, he meets many...

What is a creative non-fiction book?

Oprah Winfrey Show - Interview with James Frey

Introduction 2015 Genre Exploration Challenge!

Polls for January, February & March January - Classic February - Humor: March...

Graysmith UNMASKED 1 - The Cartoonist & His Suspect

chapter one: A brief history of the career of zodiac author Robert Graysmith and the case against his prime suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen.

Graysmith UNMASKED 4 - Debunking the Myths

chapter four: Debunking the Myths Examines other myths regarding the life and death of victim Darlene Ferrin, including the infamous missing tape of...

Graysmith UNMASKED 2 - Hunting the Zodiac

chapter two: Hunting The Zodiac While Graysmith and the mainstream media work to convince the public that the case is closed, the rest of the world still...

Graysmith UNMASKED 5 - Rebuilding the Truth

chapter five Rebuilding the Truth Examines Graysmiths use of creative geography - including the notorious hidden road to the home of Arthur Leigh Allen...