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Death ALWAYS Delivers - Jed McKenna Tribute 4 of 6

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Jed McKenna discusses his Awakening

This is a selection from Jed McKenna Notebook called a post apocalyptic lightmare. For updates on my video join my facebook group at...

Jed McKenna - Memento Mori

Jed McKenna - All Will Arrive

My video illustration of the role of the psyche in our collective spiritual awakening. Originally inspired by Jed McKennas audio book series The Enlightement...

Jed McKenna - The Void Beyond The Veil

Jed Mckenna & UG Krishnamurti Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing

Jed Mckenna & UG Krishnamurti Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing.

How Death Awareness Can Change Your Life

Ah death. Halloween makes liberal use of the concept but, as a culture, we tend to keep an arms length from the real thing. Not so with this video. Grab a...

Jed McKenna - The Taming of the Ego

Passages from the audio book Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment by Jed McKenna from the chapter The Birds Nest. Music: Electro Bells and Claire de Lune...

Jed McKenna - The Truman Show

Kill the final Buddha... Kill the Jed.

Jed McKenna - The Matrix

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